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  • 30.09.2021  17:30 - 19:00

    Reading club #4: Towards A Theory Of Systemic Action, Zaid Hassa
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    What this is: informal and lightly facilitated discussion on a pre-selected reading. The meeting is walking-compatible. Based on popular demand, the reading for the fourth session is: 

    Towards A Theory Of Systemic Action, Zaid Hassan (essay, 14 pgs) 
    This resource “offers practice-based rules of thumb. These guiding principles cover engaging in complex systems as well as enabling change through interventions and leverage points. (...) Practitioners can return to these guiding principles and apply them as criteria for decision making to determine what has unfolded and why. They help to inform how to act, and what we can expect in this kind of work.

    Only rule of the reading club: read the reading before the session

    For more info on the reading club, join the channel #initiative-learning on the SCF Slack. http://bit.ly/systemschangefi-slack