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Admin Circle

Tero Hokkanen

Chairman of the Board

Tero is a big picture generalist and his main focus is to understand how to build a sustainable society/humanity. Striving for learning, understanding, and clarity.

Iina Santamäki

Vice-chairwoman of the Board

Iina is a collaborator, learning facilitator, and space holder. She is passionate about holistic well-being, regenerative leadership, and co-creating a more sustainable future and present for all.

Helén Marton

CFO & Board member

Helén is a strategic designer with expertise in co-design and systems thinking. Trained in design (BDes) with an MA in Creative Sustainability, she is passionate about developing and leading participatory processes to address complex sustainability challenges.

Arnaldo Pellini

Membership issues & Board member

Arnaldo is an international development consultant and researcher who has been involved for the past 15 years in the design and implementation of problem-driven initiatives aimed at strengthening governance and knowledge systems in low and medium income countries.

Projects & Consulting Link

Are you looking to partner or work with us on projects or consulting? Don’t hesitate to contact our Projects & Consulting Link!

Pekka Enroth

Projects & Consulting Circle Link & Board member

+358 50 352 0060 

Pekka is a management professional who views organizations as vast and complex networks of organizational practices. His slogan is “Shared stuff is best developed by experimenting things together.”

Community Link

Do you have an idea for a future event we might host or do you want to get active in the Systems Change Finland core team? Contact our Community Link to get forward with these and similar questions!

Mikael Seppälä

Community Circle Link & Alternate board member

+358 50 326 8238

Mikael is a globally networked systems thinker with a focus on systems innovation and innovation management. He has lately been working on practices for complex collaboration, innovation ecosystems and innovation portfolios.

Core Circle

Gunta Krumina

Board member

Gunta is an innovative and creative critical thinker, business development consultant, and applied systems thinking facilitator and advocate.

Esko Reinikainen

Network Analysis Link & Board member

Esko is a culture and systems change consultant with a particular interest in network analysis. He has 14 years experience working with public services.

Jussi Hölttä

Core Circle member

Jussi is a certified coach (ICF ACC), facilitator and an expert on agile learning and co-creation. His personal side quest is learning Everything.

Tanja Korvenmaa

Core Circle member

Tanja is an Art of Hosting practitioner, organisational consultant and a permaculturalist. She has experience in building up networks that encourage networking and sharing knowledge of sustainable lifestyles. Tanja is currently a coach in the EIT Climate-KIC Pioneers into Practice -programme.

Kari Mikkelä

Board member

Kari’s professional mission is to support innovation, growth and internationalization in ecosystem service businesses: innovation orchestration for pioneering and early adapter organisations and networks. He’s well integrated to the global R&D&I expertise communities, where he’s also held many trustee positions.

Beatriz Ramírez Fernández

Board member

Beatriz is a marketing professional converted to sustainability. She has experience in international business and circular economy and is inspired by co-creation, transformational projects and translating the SDGs into concrete strategies and actions.

Andy Matias

Core Circle member & Alternate board member

Andy is a designer who focuses on sustainability issues.

Dora Hietavirta

Core Circle member

Dora merges learning & development, team learning, community education, global citizenship education, community development, employee experience and now adding a sharpened focus on systems innovation and change management.

Manuel Arias

Core Circle member

Manu is a systems designer and sustainability specialist with expertise in bridging the gap between business, innovation and design.

Aki Saariaho

Core Circle member & Alternate board member

Aki is a philosopher, entrepreneur and a teacher (English, Ethics, Philosophy) who loves people, problem-solving and networking. These skills he has worked vigorously on for 40+ years. He has grown rather good and fond of them. Aki has been a teacher on the upper secondary level (15-19 year-olds) for 20+ years. He is an avid fan of citizen activism and is a part of several organizations/associations on the board and founding level.

Lina Hayek

Core Circle member

Lina is a Design Consultant providing services and coaching in Scrum, Service Design, Branding, Customer and User Experience.